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Applying for a military loan with bad credit in canada, ontario, toronto


Having bad credit should not prevent you from getting a military loan to meet your financial obligations. Bad credit lenders understand that circumstances can occur that affect your credit rating and make it difficult for you to access credit facilities as and when you need them. That’s why several reputable lenders have come up with products tailored specifically to your particular situation to enable you access funds when you need them, pay your bills and take care of your loved ones and get back to fully concentrating on the task of serving your country without financial worries at the back of your mind.

Benefits of bad credit military loans

Bad credit military loans offer financing to members of the armed forces who have a less than perfect credit score. Bad credit loans offer several benefits to military personnel; they allow you to consolidate all your debts into one figure with one repayment amount which makes it easier to keep track of how much you owe. Consolidated loans also offer cheaper interest rates. Finally, taking out one comprehensive facility and servicing the payments well is a step towards repairing your bad credit score.

Eligibility and application process

Allcreditsource has a large network of lending partners willing to work with military personnel to ensure that you get your finances in order before shipping out on your next tour of duty. If you meet a few simple eligibility requirements, you should be able to easily access the funds you need to pay your financial obligations. To qualify for a bad credit military loan you must:

  • Have at least 9 months of active service left in your contract
  • Provide proof that you can meet the fixed monthly repayments
  • Have the capacity to handle repayments for loan amounts from $1000 to $10,000.

How to apply

The process for applying for a bad credit military loan is simple:

  1. Fill out an easy online application and upload your current earnings statement
  2. Fill out a simple loan contract
  3. Await approval and receive funds directly into your account.

Bad credit military loans are a great solution to help you access the funds you need and fix your credit score at the same time. With the right lending partner on your side, you do not ever have to worry about being in dire financial straits.

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