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Three Steps to Car Finance for Bad Credit

Getting car finance for bad credit is not easy but, nevertheless, possible. There are several steps that you can take to secure a bad credit car loan.

Step #1: Start Early

It is not going to be easy to secure financing for the car of your dreams because you have a few marks in your history that point to instability. It is, therefore, imperative that you begin searching for a loan early. Do not let frustration overtake you when three, or even four, institutions give a negative answer. It is normal for borrowers with bad credit to be rejected up to ten times before a single lender grants an advance.

Step #2: Have supporting documents

Your pay stubs need to show proof of income that is stable and lucrative. A $400 monthly car payment coming from  $4,000 per month  earnings has a greater chance of being approved than a $300 payment taken from a $1,500 monthly allowance that is already taxed by $750 worth of rent. It is also important to furnish bank statements that show accounts in good standing. A checking account in the negative is a sign of financial difficulty.  You may be denied car finance for bad credit if your finances are in disarray.

Step #3: Get car finance for bad credit with a large down payment

Ten percent may not be enough to convince creditors to join you in the credit plunge. A poor financial record can be combated with at least twenty percent of the vehicle’s price. Coming up with such amount shows banks that you are serious and willing to invest a substantial amount of your hard-earned money into the agreement.

All Credit Source ( is here to help when credit is poor. We accept high and low scores and only charge a fee when you are denied funding, which is rare.

Don’t waste your time with banks that are looking for a reason to deny your request. Get car finance for bad credit today with us!

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