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Apply For A Loan With No Credit in Arichat, Nova Scotia

Getting a loan should be accessible to everyone, even those with no credit. There are so many other ways to show you are responsible enough to manage a personal loan. That’s why has put together this handy guide to getting loans for no credit. You’ll be surprised when you see how simple the process is!

Information You’ll Need

The online application is already super fast and easy. With a little preparation beforehand, applying will practically take no time at all. Here’s an overview of the information needed to apply:

  • Personal Information – includes name, birth date, SIN, and address.
  • Employment Information – includes employer name, years and months worked, monthly income, and work phone number.
  • Financial Profile – includes any other loans, car ownership, active bank accounts, and other assets or debts.
  • Banking Information – including account numbers. (An active bank account is required for deposit of your loan and also repayment schedule.)

As you can see, we take much more than your credit score into account! We’ve worked hard to make it easier for anybody to get a personal loan. (In the spirit of transparency, you should be aware there is a $50 charge for unapproved applications, but again you will never be turned down for having no credit.) If you have any questions about these or other aspects of the loan process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Apply today and get approved within 12 hours!

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Learn the information you need to apply for an online loan with no credit.

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