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Get A Loan Without A Credit Check in Arcola, Saskatchewan

Do you need a cash loan fast? Are you worried about passing a credit check? If you want a hassle-free loan experience, has your back! We’re experts in getting our customers cash loans without credit check, getting them the money they want with application approval in less than a day.

How Do We Do It?

We know that your credit score isn’t the only way to show you are a responsible person. In fact, a lot of trustworthy people can end up with poor credit. That’s why we look at other aspects of your life to determine your loan eligibility. Typical information we use includes:

  • Name and Age – All applicants must be over 18. Copies of two government-issued IDs are required.
  • Phone Number – Both for communication and proof of most recent bill from home address.
  • Income – Including employer name, time employed, and monthly income.
  • Address – For proof of residency, a copy of a lease agreement, proof of mortgage, or signed statement from someone you live with all count.
  • Banking Statement – For the last 30 days of transactions to prove the account is active. An active bank account is required to deposit your loan as well as scheduled repayment withdrawals.

Using this information, we can approve a loan regardless of your credit status. (If your application is declined for any other reason, there is a $50 processing fee.) Best of all, our application only takes 15 minutes to complete. Within 12 hours, you could be approved for a cash loan. Don’t wait another day to get the money you need!

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